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No Darn Fooling Around? What are we talking about?

Eddy Milanes

Eddy Milanes has come a long way from pushing carts at Costco...

Eddy Milanes has come a long way from pushing carts at Costco...

Feb 8 2 minutes read

Starting November 1st, it is "No Darn Fooling Around" 

time for your property taxes if you are a homeowner. 

Chances are... you have received one of these adult things in the mail. It is your Property Tax Bill.  If so, your homes property taxes need to be paid.

If your property taxes are impounded through your mortgage company (meaning it is taking out of your mortgage payment)  your mortgage company will send out your tax payments to your local tax assessors office.  No need to stress sending a payment. 

Here is an example that would be on your mortgage statement if your escrow account is impounded.

"No Darn Fooling Around" is a little acronym,  we agents learn when studying for our real estate license about property taxes.

November, December, February, and April are all important tax months to be aware when it comes to paying your property taxes if they are not impounded in your loan or your home is paid off. 

"No Darn Fooling Around," 

This is an easy way to remember those months. 

If you have any questions we would love to help or for more information please visit the Tax Assessor's website in the County you live in.

Ventura County Tax Assessor Website

Los Angeles Tax Assessor Website

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