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Your Simi Valley and Moorpark Open House List April 9th & 10th 2016

Eddy Milanes

Eddy Milanes has come a long way from pushing carts at Costco...

Eddy Milanes has come a long way from pushing carts at Costco...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

Welcome to our weekly Open House List for Saturday April 9th & Sunday April10th. 

These homes are located in Simi Valley and Moorpark.

If you are interested another areas,  please contact us  with the area and price you are interested in and we will send you a list of homes in your desired area. 

As of this morning's Realtor Report, there are a total of  55 open houses scheduled. ( 20 Open Houses on Saturday,  35 Open Houses on Sunday)

We appreciate all of your referrals and support!

Enjoy your Open House List...


Simi Valley 

4/9/201612:00 PM3:00 PM$1,475,000
4/9/201612:00 PM3:00 PM$1,199,000
4/9/201612:00 PM4:00 PM$887,000
4/9/201612:00 PM4:00 PM$540,000
4/9/20161:00 PM5:00 PM$968,000
3173 Tecopa Springs Ln, Simi Valley, 93063
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$749,000
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$639,950
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$608,998
4/9/20161:00 PM3:00 PM$589,900
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$555,550
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$549,000
2782 Fallon Cir, Simi Valley
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$535,000
1911 Larch St, Simi Valley
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$509,900
4/9/20161:00 PM5:00 PM$444,500
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$429,900
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$349,000
4/9/20162:00 PM5:00 PM$999,500


4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$849,000
4/9/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$679,999
4/0/20161:00 PM4:00PM$165,900


Simi Valley 

4/10/201612:00 PM3:00 PM$1,199,000
4/10/201612:00 PM4:00 PM$887,000
4/10/201612:00 PM4:00 PM$540,000
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$1,069,900
4/10/20161:00 PM5:00 PM$974,990

4/10/20161:00 PM5:00 PM$968,000
4/10/20161:00 PM5:00 PM$899,900
3173 Tecopa Springs Ln, Simi Valley, 93063
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$749,000
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$734,950
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$729,000
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$664,900
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$639,950
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$639,900
5264 Mohave Dr, Simi Valley,93063
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$615,000
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$608,998
4/10/20161:00 PM3:00 PM$569,000
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$549,000
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$525,000
4/10/20161:00 PM5:00 PM$479,000
4/10/20161:00 PM5:00 PM$444,500
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$429,900
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$354,900
4/10/20161:00 PM3:00 PM$349,000
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$320,000
4/10/20162:00 PM5:00 PM$999,500
4/10/20162:00 PM5:00 PM$500,000


4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$1,349,950
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$849,000
4/10/20161:00 PM5:00 PM$836,000
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$799,999
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$679,999
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$659,950
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$644,900
4/10/20161:00 PM4:00 PM$625,000
4/10/20162:00 PM5:00 PM$669,900

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